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What to do in your garden this April

01 Apr 2019

What to do in your garden this April

Spring has sprung at last and with the start of spring comes the blooms of early flowers and before we know it the list of jobs to do in the garden seems huge. 

Do not worry we are here to help....below is our list of 'to do's' this April so you can stay ahead of the game.

- Order hanging baskets and summer bedding online so not to be disappointed. Whether you are after a traditional rattan basket or a more modern look we have a fabulous range of hanging baskets available.

- Clean your greenhouse, this will not only remove pests it will help to let more light in helping to speed up growth of your plants.

- Look after your lawn, repair any bare patches and sow lawn seed on well prepared soil. Mow your lawn as required, we stock a variety of lawn mowers which are available to purchase now.

- Keep on top of weeding, now the weather is getting warmer run a hoe through borders and beds to remove the weeds before they begin to spread.

Finally, if April showers are stopping you from getting out in the garden then why not give your house plants some TLC, the warmer weather will encourage them to grow so ensure they have plenty of water and are happy in the position they are currently in.



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