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November Jobs In The Garden

04 Nov 2019

November is here and the leaves are on their way out. As autumn turns to winter take advantage of the cooler days and the slower pace of gardening to prepare your plants for winter. This time of year is perfect for doing a little bit of tidying up and housekeeping too.

Below is a list of jobs to keep on top of this month:


1.     It’s time to look after our feathered friends. Fill your bird feeders for winter. Make sure they are kept clean and well stocked to encourage repeat visits from garden birds.

2.     As soon as your apple and pear trees become dormant, start to prune back.

3.     Clear away any fallen leaves especially from lawns, ponds and beds.

4.     The ground should be cool enough now to plant your tulips over the next few weeks. If you can, try to avoid planting after a heavy frost or in waterlogged areas of the garden.

5.     Now’s the time to wash out seed trays and pots ready for spring sowing and clean and stack your plant pots.

6.     Clean and maintain your greenhouse. Replace any damaged glass and clean it thoroughly. Wash with horticultural disinfectant to kill any overwintering pests and diseases.

7.     Insulate your outdoor containers from frosts, use hessian or bubble wrap and then hold in place with some garden twine.

8.     Dig up your Dahlias and other tender bulbs and store in a cool, dark area after the first frost.

9.     Protect your roses from windrock by pruning them by one-third to half of their height. This will stop them swaying in strong wind and prevents the roots from coming loose in the soil.

10.  Prepare a bed for planting autumn garlic.


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