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Natural Clay Pizzaro Chimalin Pizza Oven

Product Description

Create the ambience of an Italian evening with this clay pizza oven. Designed in a traditional domed style with chimney for a wood-fired pizza experience.

Create up to three gooey, crisp and full-flavoured pizzas per firing, cooking one pizza at a time.

Add this stylish item to your garden for a stunning focal point to your patio or seating area and celebrate food and good company this Summer.

As this is a natural clay item, it is fragile and as such will need handling with care, do not drop or knock this item.

Assembly of the base and oven and sealing with cement is necessary, but no curing is needed.

Please note that the base is not included, it is the clay pizza oven only.

Cooking on a Pizzaro Pizza Oven

  • Prepare all your pizzas in advance so they are ready to cook, when the first is cooked you can immediately insert the next one into the hot oven.
  • Now using the peel place the pizza on the hot pizza stone - it will take about four minutes to cook - we recommend after two minutes you lift the pizza out of the oven using the peel and turn it 180 degrees and then replace into the oven for the last two/three minutes. 
  • The pizza oven is large enough to cook a pizza up to 12 inches in diameter, but with this size care must be taken to ensure the back edge does not burn or come into contact with the burning embers, therefore we recommend you cook maximum 10 inch diameter pizzas.
  • The pizza is ready when the topping is bubbling, which at 300 degrees C is about four minutes after placing on the pizza stone.
  • To remove the pizza, slide the peel under the cooked pizza and lift out onto a flat wooden cutting board, and serve immediately. Insert the next pizza and repeat the process. 

Fuelling Your Pizza Oven

  • A pizza will taste better when cooked at high temperature. Many Italian pizza ovens operate at 400 degrees Centigrade.
  • The Pizzaro Pizza Oven has an operating temperature of 300 degrees plus.
  • You will need to burn about 2.5 kgs of wood pieces or chips (exclusive of kindling) to reach the operating temperature in about 35 minutes. This is 35 minutes heating and about 35 minutes cooking time.
  • It is easy to make your own wood fuel by splitting logs into thinner pieces. Use extreme care if using a small hand axe to split the logs.
  • Traditional Italian pizza ovens use dry oak chips as the fuel, these wood chips burn fast, leave little ash residue and produce a distinctive smoky oak aroma which gives flavour to the pizzas.
  • You can use other wood types as fuel, but make sure they are well seasoned and as dry as possible to minimise smoke. If wood chips are not available use small strips or blocks about sized 3 x 3 x 8 or 12 cms.
  • Be aware scrap pallet wood is often treated with preservative which is toxic and should not be used as fuel.

Lighting the Pizzaro Pizza Oven

  • Use a soft brush and dust pan to remove any cold ashes from inside the Pizza Oven, then sweep the inside base so it is free of dust and debris.
  • Using a little newspaper and thin dry kindling build a fire in the centre of the mouth of the Pizza Oven as shown left. Slowly add the remaining wood fuel to the fire, then after about 15 minutes use the raking tool to push the glowing embers and burning fuel to the back of the pizza oven. 
  • Carefully insert a pizza stone (which we recommend), so it sits in the mouth of the Pizza Oven about 8 cm from the front lip.
  • Use the peel to turn the pizza stone after five minutes to ensure it heats evenly.
  • Allow the remainder of the wood to burn and after about 30-35 minutes from ignition the pizza oven will have attained at least 300 degrees c.
  • Check the temperature on the thermostat. Using the raking tool push the glowing embers to the back and sides of the pizza oven - allow all the flames to burn off - now you are ready to cook.

Product Specifications

Brand Gardeco
Material Chimalin AFC
Fuel Recommended Wood
Manufaturers Guarantee 5 Years (Against Cracking due to Thermal Shock)
Colour Natural Clay


Item Height (With Chimney) 65.5cm
Item Height 37cm
Item Depth 60cm
Item Width 66cm
Quickfind: C17022
Availability: 4 in stock
RRP: £375.00
You Save: £75.01

Was £449.99

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