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How To Make Your Own Terrarium

03 Jan 2018

How to make your own terrarium

If you haven’t heard of a terrarium yet, then where have you been?! Terrariums are like mini ecosystems consisting of a glass container containing soil, rocks, plants and even decorative items. They are planted to look like a miniature garden or forest enclosed in their own little world and are perfect for adding a touch of outdoor beauty inside.

And if you don’t already love the sound of them, they’re so easy to create, are really low maintenance to look after and offer a great modern alternative to houseplants.

Follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to create your very own.


What you’ll need:

·         A glass or plastic container

·         Rocks, if you choose

·         Moss, if you choose

·         Soil for either succulents or for indoor plants

·         Various succulents or dwarf plants

·         Fine mist spray bottle


Selecting the right plants:

·         Buy suitable plants that will best fit the dimensions of your container.

·         Choose plants that grow well together. Succulents and cacti are great together, whilst indoor plant varieties need more water and shade.

·         Plants which work well in terrariums include most succulents and cacti, ferns, carnivorous plants, dwarf palms, airplants, baby’s tears, peperomia, creeping fig, earth star, moon valley, starfish plant, nerve plant, friendship plant, golden clubmoss, aquamarine and minimus aureus.


How to make your terrarium:

1.       Select a container for your terrarium. You can buy special cases or make one of your own from an old fish bowl, vase or sweet jar.

2.       Fill the bottom of your container with half the amount of soil you plan to use. You could also add sand or rocks as the first layer to your container for extra drainage. If you do add rocks or sand remember to add your soil layer on top of this.

3.       It’s time to add your plants! In the soil create a hole big enough for the roots of the plant to sit. Remove the plant from its container and position in your terrarium. Once you have positioned all of your plants, add a second layer of soil around them and press the soil down gently so that the plants are nice and snug.  

4.       Get creative with any large rocks, pieces or wood, decorative pebbles, sand or cute figurines to make it unique.

5.       Place in a well-lit, sheltered location inside your home.

6.       Keep your terrarium clean by simply shooting some water onto the inside walls and wiping to wash off any residual soil.


Top Tips:

·         Keep succulents in bright indirect light, low moisture conditions. They also prefer containers with larger apertures.

·         Ferns and house plants will prefer more shade and will also need watering more regularly. They prefer containers with smaller apertures or even ones that are closed off.

·          Never use a chemical glass cleaner on the inside of your terrarium.


All you have to do now is sit back and enjoy your beautiful terrarium!

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