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Caring For Your Christmas Tree

07 Nov 2017

Christmas Tree Blog

There’s something special about having a real Christmas tree in your home over the festive season. Whether it’s that fresh pine smell, the excitement of picking out “the one” or the cultural tradition, a real tree brings a sense of joy to any home. With a little bit of TLC, your cut tree can last up to 4 weeks. So here at Garden Mall, we want to give you all the advice you need to keep your tree looking beautiful for the big day!


Selecting your Tree

There are a wide range of Christmas trees available, all different in appearance and some more likely to drop their needles sooner than others. Here are some of the most popular:

Norway spruce: Traditional Christmas tree with a good scent, but quick to drop its needles. Spraying with 'Spray 'n Save' Christmas tree spray will help reduce needle drop.

Nordmann fir: Dark green needles that are very slow to drop, but more expensive than Norway spruce.

Blue spruce: Blue needles, more prickly than other trees, holds its needles better than the Norway spruce.

Korean fir: Dark green, slightly curling needles. Excellent needle-holding quality.

Fraser fir: Good needle-holding properties, a lovely pine fragrance and the regular shape of a Norway spruce.


Prepare the Trunk

When you get your tree home, saw around 2.5cm (1in) off the bottom of the trunk. This cut will not only create a level and strong base, making it easier to place the tree into a stand, but also opens the pores in the bark allowing the tree to drink easily.


Select a Suitable Stand for your Tree

To keep your tree sturdy and looking great over the festive period, select a suitable stand. For your cut tree you will need to keep it well watered, so be sure to pick a stand which has a large reservoir. This will ensure that your tree looks great throughout the festive season and will be less likely to lose its needles. Another essential is that your stand has some form of adjustable clamps to keep your tree upright and secure. These can be altered depending on the thickness of the trunk and are easy to adjust.

Here at Garden Mall we have a great selection of AFK Christmas Tree Stands. These stands have a water reservoir and locking system to keep your tree stable. Made in the UK using wood from managed forests and available in a variety of festive colours.


Water your Tree…Then Keep on Watering It!

Place you tree in water rather than sand or soil as these block the pores in the bark. Your tree may drink 2-3 pints of water per day depending on size and your central heating settings, so make sure that you keep the reservoir topped up.


Keep your Tree Away from Heat Sources

Do not expose your tree to sudden temperature changes, they prefer steady conditions. Position your tree so that it is away from any heat sources such as radiators and fireplaces. Heat will dry the tree out faster and this will cause the tree to lose its needles quickly.


 Artificial as an Alternative

If you’re fed up of picking out pine needles from the carpet months after the festive season has finished, then an artificial Christmas tree is a great choice. They have plenty of other advantages too! You only need to buy one once, it can be used year after year, it doesn’t need watering and they are usually easier to put up and take down. But just because they’re artificial, you still need to care for your tree when the festive period is over. A Christmas tree storage bag is a great way to keep all of your Christmas trimmings in one accessible place, whilst protecting your tree and decorations from dust and grime.

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