Garden Mall runs an affiliate scheme that allows you to earn money by referring customers to our store. 

Garden Mall stocks more than 2,000 garden related products that you can earn upto 10% commission by referring customers to our store. 

How does it work? 

Once you have joined our scheme, you simply need to place the banners or links provided on your website or blog. We will provide you with some banners that you can use and instructions on how to display them on your site. 

When a user clicks on a banner we will track them using our affiliate software so that we know that you have referred them to us. If they make a purchase we will pay you a commission on that sale. 

Great, How do I Join ?

Our affiliate program is free to join.

Simply signup for a normal account on our website. Once you have done this send us an email saying that you want to join our affiliate scheme and we will get you setup. 

Once activated there will be a new menu on your account page allowing you to track commissions and download banners and links for your website.