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15 Jobs for your Garden in January

10 Jan 2018

15 Jobs for the Garden in January

Start the New Year the right way, in your garden! January is the perfect month to tidy and prepare for the coming spring season. Whether it's pruning, sowing, harvesting or planning from the warmth of your home, here are a few ideas of what you can be getting up to this month...


1.       If you missed planting your rhubarb in November and December, don’t fret! You still have time to plant. Pick a well drained, sunny spot and prepare a planting hole with plenty of compost. If this is their first year, leave the plants to let them get established. If this is their second year, now is the time to force your stems. To do this, cover the crown with a forcing jar, bucket or upturned plant pot to ensure all the light is blocked out and cover up any drainage holes with stones or brick. Once the stems reach the top of the container, then they are ready to be harvested.

2.       Clear away any leaves or fallen debris from your borders. Dig over any areas of the garden which are empty, adding in plenty of compost.

3.       For these jobs you don’t even have to leave the warmth of the house. Plan your vegetable plot for the coming season to ensure good crop rotation and order your seeds, clematis, fruit trees and hanging basket plants now.

4.       Buy and plant your snowdrops shortly after they have flowered and while still in leaf. Snowdrops prefer well-drained soil that is shaded in the summer. Every few years divide thick clumps after they have flowered.

5.       Have a good old spring clean of your garden shed and greenhouse. Wash down your greenhouse to remove dirt and grime. Empty and clean out water-butts and brush out old soil from trays and pots so they are ready to be used again.  

6.       Prune your Wisteria plant now to encourage flower buds and control vigorous growth. Cut side shots back to two or three buds and tidy up again just before the growing season.

7.       Keep putting out food and fresh water for hungry birds. In turn they will help with keeping pest numbers low in your garden.  

8.       If you haven’t already, start pruning your apple and pear trees, this is best completed whilst they are dormant. Aim to remove between 10-20% of the overall canopy off, working around the tree evenly.

9.       Vegetables ready to harvest include: Brussels, cabbages, cauliflower, parsnips, leeks, celery and kale.

10.   Check your garden tools and give them a quick clean. January is the best month for decluttering/oiling/sharpening. Does your lawnmower need a service? Get it done now to beat the spring rush!

11.   You can begin sowing your sweet peas, Iceland poppies, cobaeas, geranium, verbena, hollyhock and calendulas.

12.   Bulbs, corms and tubers that are being stored should be inspected for rots or drying out. Any that show signs should be removed to prevent spreading.

13.   Protect your plants that are vulnerable to the wind and cold.

14.   Cut rose bushes back, the reduction in their height will lower the chances of them suffering from wind rock.

15.   Get rid of your Christmas tree. Check to see whether the local council are offering a recycling service, or have it shredded for mulch.

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